cake delivery in ppe

Lockdown Lowdown

I can’t believe that as I sit down to write my blog today, it marks the anniversary of the day we went into national lockdown. Something none of us could have predicted way back in 2019 but have now all become far too familiar with.                                  

Outside the obvious health risks, my concerns were strong. Managing a business, though I couldn’t have been more thankful that I ran it from home, as well as two young children’s home-schooling. However was I going to cope? How would I bake or make deliveries when I should be teaching additions or singing along to the latest phonics tune?

Recipes.... Are they Mine or Yours?

The first recipe book my mother ever bought for me was a microwave oven cookbook for children (this isn't the one but it was just as cheesy). It had a myriad of recipes from savoury to sweet, and of course I focussed on the sweet and had a whale of a time.

You see, you can’t burn a house down using a microwave oven (well as long as you do not put metal in it; which I didn’t) so my mother left me to ‘cook’ up a storm.

It’s funny how professional pastry chefs now controversially use the microwave to create a microwave sponge, which is done in minutes and creates a completely different texture than the conventional oven. Obviously my mother was ahead of her time and the author of the cookbook for that matter.

Along with helping my grandmothers bake, this really sparked my passion and the fact that I could do it ‘all by myself’ just added fuel to the fire, for want of a better phrase. I don’t have a thing for fires, honest!

Embracing Change... and the Rest!

I am definitely getting into the swing of things with this blog writing. Just a month since the last one and I’m raring to go with more stories and insights to tell you.

We keep hearing the phrase ‘new normal’ and never has it been truer than it is at the moment. Lockdown is easing and with luck people will behave responsibly and things can go back to our new normal soon enough. Though it’s not really going back is it? It’s moving forwards, changing and adapting to what the world has thrown our way in the last year or so.

Those who can't do, teach

This statement is an interesting one and certainly is not always true, I’ve always been happy to laugh in the face of it.  I am very proud of the fact that I am able to teach the things I know to others and I have worked hard to perfect this skill.

Cake ... It's Emotional

Reading the title to my first blog, you’re most likely picturing someone messily devouring a slice of cake, no cutlery or crockery and perhaps a tear or two, a giggle or maybe some indistinct muttering. This scene could be linked with many emotional states, either end of the scale from happiness to sadness, emotional eating!